How our app works


From a single photo the LAM App can detect the presence of any flat areas on your baby’s head. Through consistent and routine use of this feature, parents can stay alert and be proactive by talking to their health care professional and following appropriate medical advice to ensure that their child’s head is developing properly over time.


If a flat spot is detected the app will provide recommendations from well-known and authoritative sources about exercises that specifically target this condition. Additionally, parents are notified to seek medical attention when a flat area is detected or if concerned.


Armed with the ability to measure head shape, parents can track the progression of their child’s head development over time. Parents can also log tummy-time minutes to make sure their child is getting enough.


The Little Angel Medical App is designed to give parents more control in their children’s health at home by helping them make informed and accurate visual assessments of potential health concerns.

To be released later this year, the app will allow parents to track tummy-time, measure and analyze their baby’s head shape to ensure that their child isn’t developing any flat areas, communicate their findings to the child’s health care professional, and receive recommendations for exercises that specifically target this condition.


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A bit about us

We are parents too.

First and foremost we are parents, and we’ve experienced firsthand the pride and pitfalls of raising children. Our experiences have become our inspiration for all the work we do.

We’ve experienced the mysterious rashes, the indecision over going to the ER, and the struggle of Flat Head Syndrome. Little Angel Medical fits right into the parenting experience and is designed to provide all information parents need to keep their babies healthy.

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