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Powered by AI & Image Technology

We have developed a groundbreaking application that allows parents to conduct quick assessments regarding their childrens’ heads, ears, eyes, and skin—all from the palm of their hands. For instance, with only a short video of the child’s head, our technology applies algorithms to compare the head’s shape similar to clinical standards within seconds.

All-In-One Tool

This all-in-one tool provides parents with the ability to ensure a healthy child development. Functionalities include precise measuring and accurate assessment capabilities, tracking development trajectories, and direct communication of findings to health care professionals. Our app gives parents more control over their child’s health at home by helping them make informed and accurate visual assessments of potential health concerns.

Tested & Backed

Our app has already been reviewed by scientific experts and tested by independent groups of mothers and fathers. Our patented technology is proudly backed by clinical algorithms and a board of certified doctors and physicians.


Our Motive Behind The App

Our mission is to equip parents with powerful tools to help them watch over and care for their child’s health. Often times, new parents are inexperienced when it comes to their child’s health, and get caught either waiting for a doctor’s appointment to bring up concerns or spending hours going to the ER when it’s not needed.

We combine advanced AI technology with the medical expertise of our board-certified physicians to develop applications that enhance parents in their role as caregivers. Our goal is to see parents confidently making informed decisions about their child’s health and development by visually assessing potential concerns through our app.

Our Work
Our Work

What We're Working On

With the ever so growing power of AI and imaging technology, we are able to further strengthen our capabilities and give even more information and reassurance to parents and a safer world for children.

We are already working on additional applications to empower parents and ensure better care for children. Tools currently in the development stage include:

Skin Assessment

We’re working on a rash detection tool that will be able to identify common causes of rashes. Within seconds, parents will get informed about the severity of their child’s rash and get step-by-step guidance.

Fever Tracker Tool

We are developing a new add-on assessment tool that will enable parents to track and monitor common sources of fever and provide easy step-by-step information and guidance.

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